Not a science lab of a public school, it is the 'cornerstone' of primary, here students will study from robotics to solar system

Not a science lab of a public school, it is the 'cornerstone' of primary, here students will study from robotics to solar system

adharsheela lab To prepare the future Rakesh Sharma, APJ Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla the 'foundation' of school education is very important to be strong. This will happen when children have the opportunity to see, hear and do for themselves the mathematical and scientific methods taught in books. To implement the provisions of the National Education Policy-2020 in council education, a lab equipped with space, mathematics, science, and technology is being built in the schools. In this lab named 'Aadhaarshila', the campaign to connect the rural children, as well as the people of the village with innovative technology and science, started in Meerut.

Students will study from robotics to solar system

From coding to artificial intelligence, from robotics to drone technology, from Newton's laws to the concept of a bullet train, from planetary rotation to telescopes, children will get the opportunity to explore the universe in the Cornerstone Lab along the lines of Learning by Doing. Used to be.

Solar System i.e. Solar System, Night and Day Process, Light, Lens and Sound in Physics, Measurement of Temperature in Chemistry to Concept of Battery, Human Body and Cell in Biology, Abacus in Mathematics, Sensors in Technology and Personality and Career Development Direction will be given for training.

A foundation stone will be made in every block

The first foundation stone lab has been built in Upper Primary School, Pathanpura. The equipment was less here in the beginning, but considering the trend of the children and the people of the surrounding schools and villages, the equipment is being increased. The second lab is ready in Mohiuddinpur. Tools will be here soon. The third lab is being built in Inchauli. Similarly, this lab will be made in one school in every block of the district. This lab is preparing a startup Inaugural Company started under the leadership of Ashutosh of Meerut itself.

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The purpose of making Aadharshila is to show and make practice the points read in the book to the children of classes 6th to 12th. In this, we will connect nearby schools as well as people and farmers with science. Will acquaint the farmers with the science behind their submersibles and the housewives with the science hidden in the kitchen so that a scientific attitude can be developed in the society. In the future, there is a plan to make one school in all the 92 Nyaya Panchayats of the district.

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