Oxygen-rich peepal leaf will protect against corona virus, know how

Oxygen-rich peepal leaf will protect against corona virus, know how

Kanpur: In a series of publicity measures to increase immunity these days to protect against corona, an Aurovadacharya of Kanpur has claimed that the use of green peepal leaf, white madar and latheera is the surest weapon against global epidemic. Rather, corona is beneficial in getting the infected out of the disease.

Dr. KN Singh, director of the Green Herbal Health Center Scheme under the state's environment department, said on Monday that herbs contain thousands of such elements, from which hundreds of diseases can be cured. No mask protects against corona 100%, so everyone should try to develop immunity, along with social distancing and use of masks.

Herbs to develop immunity are around them. The Peepal tree is a source of 100 percent oxygen and all its leaves, roots and roots are anti-viral. To increase immunity, chew or make a decoction of four five peepal green leaves, two inches of white madar, a handful of latheera and then consume it in one hour. All these herbs are anti viral and accessible to everyone. Nearby parks, all along the banks of the pond can be easily accessed.

He said that last year in medical research it was found out that the corona virus is in the air. This means that the virus has affected everyone who has low immunity, it can infect the virus, but the effect of the virus is not lethal in those who work hard and keep the body fit and maintain fitness. can. Dr. Singh said that he has urged various departments of Central and State Government and medical institutes to spread the information about decoction of Peepal, Latjira and White Madar to spread it to prevent the spread of infection. Many medical institutes including KGMU Lucknow have appreciated his formula and doctors have also taken it into practice.

He said that in a year, the virus has spread from house to house, animals and forests in the whole world, so that it can be protected only by herbs. These herbs contain natural ingredients that cannot be developed in the vaccine because the vaccine develops a defined immunity. The doctor said that Peeple is full of strength along with being a sign of abundant amount of oxygen. Peepal is the elephant's favorite food. Elephant is considered powerful and intelligent in animals, but its stool is also better than other animals. This means that the strength of elephants is better than that of other animals.

For the development of immunity and relief from cough, cold peppercorn, cloves, roasted mixture of cloves should be sliced ​​in half a teaspoon twice. Apart from this, Kanlouji is also very beneficial for cough. The government should bring the herbs to the people so that the demon like corona can be destroyed at the earliest.

Needy patients get oxygen immediately, district administration should ensure: Shrikant Sharma

Needy patients get oxygen immediately, district administration should ensure: Shrikant Sharma

Mathura: Energy Sources Minister Shrikant Sharma inspected the district hospital on Wednesday. He instructed the DM to complete the work of the oxygen plant by 20 May. Along with this, instructions were also given to the needy patients in the city to get oxygen immediately. He said that the supply capacity of the Oxygen plant to be set up from MLA fund in the district hospital would be 01 ton per day. This will increase the availability of 100 cylinder oxygen daily. It will be supplied by providing both a connection to the bed and the cylinder. At present, the district hospital and women's hospital along with the joint district hospital will also get its benefits.

The Energy Minister said that plants with a capacity of 9.5 tonnes of oxygen supply are being set up in 4 private hospitals. After setting up a 1-ton plant from the MLA fund in the district hospital, the oxygen plant is to be set up in the joint district hospital, Vrindavan. This will also make government hospitals self-sufficient in oxygen supply. The Energy Minister also instructed to arrange shade and water for the people coming for the test in the district hospital. Also asked to give a medicine kit to those who come positive in the antigen test. He also instructed the family members of positive patients and people of the neighborhood to conduct tests and start the medicine on the basis of symptoms.

He said that patients should not go astray in the district hospital and asked to issue a helpline number so that they can complain in case of trouble. Instructed to appoint DM as nodal officer in district hospital also. The Health Department was asked to reserve ambulance and carcass for government hospitals.

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