Panchayats doing better work will get national award, application process started in Baghpat

Panchayats doing better work will get national award, application process started in Baghpat

The Gram Panchayat, Kshetra Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat, who come true to the concept of Panchayat Raj, will get the National Award. Online applications can be made till December 15 to get the award in Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Panchayat Empowerment Award and Nanaji Deshmukh National Gaurav Gram Sabha Award, Gram Panchayat Development Scheme Award and Bal Maitri Gram Panchayat Award Scheme.

DM ordered

DM Rajkamal Yadav has ordered the officials to apply for the award. Panchayats will have to fill online questionnaires on nine subjects including cleanliness, civic services, natural resource management, services of the underprivileged, social sector performance, disaster management, e-governance and revenue generation. District Manager in Panchayat Raj Department Prashant Kumar said that Gram Panchayat will get Rs.8 lakh, Kshetra Panchayat will get Rs.25 lakh and Zila Panchayat will get Rs. He has appealed to the Panchayats to apply online to get the award.

Fertilizers crisis will no longer

Baghpat, Jagran Correspondent. Good news for thousands of farmers. They now have DAP in wheat and mustard sowing

Fertilizer shortage will not come in the way. Baghpat has got 1250 MT of DAP fertilizers.

At the same time, 800 metric tonnes of DAP fertilizers are already available. Now a total of 1850 MT DAP are available. Agriculture Deputy Director Prashant Kumar said that more DAP fertilizers will be available now. 778.345 MT NPK fertilizers are available at 244 sales centers in the district. Farmers can use NPK fertilizers for sowing instead of DAP. There is also no shortage of urea, as presently 2892 MT are available. MOP 56 MT and Super Xgal Phosphate 615 MT is available. In order to prevent fertilizers from going out of the district, the work of checking and monitoring the shops is going on.

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