Primary schools of cities will get their own building in UP, more than 600 schools running in rented houses

Primary schools of cities will get their own building in UP, more than 600 schools running in rented houses

There is not only a shortage of teachers in primary schools in urban areas in Uttar Pradesh, but more than 600 schools are run in rented houses or in dilapidated buildings. Now preparations are on to give their own building to such schools. The Basic Education Department will soon ask for land for the school from the Uttar Pradesh Awas Vikas Parishad. On getting the land, the construction will be done by allotting funds from the central or state government.

The Uttar Pradesh government has changed the look of primary schools in rural areas by running Operation Kayakalp. These schools are giving competition to the convent schools in the building and decoration. In villages or towns, students easily reach Basic Education Council schools due to limited options, but due to more options in cities, there is tough competition in enrollment of children. Council schools are far behind on both the fronts of building and availability of teachers. In Lucknow itself, 45 schools are teacherless and the number of single teacher schools is also significant.

In Uttar Pradesh, more than 600 primary schools are running in rented buildings or dilapidated houses. Due to the low rent of the schools, the landlords do not repair the part of the school and in some schools the education is being done in a very small campus. There are many places that have high commercial value. Landlords want the school premises to be vacated. The Basic Education Council has identified such schools and sent a proposal to the government that the schools running in dilapidated and rented houses should be provided their buildings. For this it is necessary that he gets the land, then a new building can be constructed by giving budget from the central or state government.

The government also agrees with the proposal of the council and soon the Housing Development Council will be requested to allot land for schools, the Housing Development Council will give instructions in this regard to the district magistrates. It is also a coincidence that Deepak Kumar is the principal secretary of Basic Education Department and Housing Development Council, UP. Due to this, there should not be any problem in getting land to schools and construction of buildings. Basic Education Minister Dr. Satish Dwivedi says that the government is serious about improving urban schools. The crisis of teachers will also end soon.

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