Rahul Gandhi will receive a grand welcome at Prayagraj airport, will attend the wedding ceremony at Swaraj Bhavan

Rahul Gandhi will receive a grand welcome at Prayagraj airport, will attend the wedding ceremony at Swaraj Bhavan

Former National President of All India Congress Committee Rahul Gandhi arrived in Prayagraj on Sunday. He was accorded a grand welcome by Congress leaders at the airport. Rahul Gandhi was welcomed with flowers and garlands under the leadership of senior Congress leader Pramod Tiwari. Rahul Gandhi will take part in the marriage ceremony of Kamala Nehru Memorial Trust CEO Dr. Madhu Chandra here. After spending a few hours in Prayagraj, Rahul Gandhi will leave for Varanasi at night.

Rahul reached Prayagraj in the evening by chartered plane

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reached Bamrauli Airport in Prayagraj by chartered plane at 4 pm on Sunday. Congress leaders and office-bearers were present to welcome him. All India Congress Working Council member and senior leader Pramod Tiwari gave a grand welcome to Rahul Gandhi. After this, Rahul grabbed Pramod Tiwari's hand and made him sit in the car with him. From the airport, Rahul reached Swaraj Bhawan, located next to Anand Bhavan by car. Rahul will rest for sometime at Swaraj Bhavan. It is expected that he can also meet some party leaders at Swaraj Bhavan.

Kamala Nehru Hospital CEO has a wedding ceremony

After this, the CEO of Kamala Nehru Hospital, Dr. Madhu Chandra will attend the wedding ceremony here. This ceremony has been organized in the rear part of Swaraj Bhavan itself. Dr. Chandra's residence is in this part of the building. After attending the function, Rahul will leave for Varanasi at 8.10 pm. After a night's rest there, the next day will leave for Delhi.

Rahul's arrival in Prayagraj is being considered as a political tour

Vidhan Sabha Election 2022 in Uttar Pradesh is near. In such a situation, the visits of political giants have started in the state. It is even being speculated that now Rahul Gandhi will also enter the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections. It is being said that to heat up the politics of the state, Rahul Gandhi is coming to Prayagraj, the city of his ancestors. However, Congressmen are not considering it as a political tour. They say that Rahul is coming here to attend a private function. This is his personal tour.

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