Shopping increased with fun in the fair, shopkeepers bat-bat

Shopping increased with fun in the fair, shopkeepers bat-bat

 In the historic Dadri fair on Friday also, shopkeepers were battling due to the landing of fair number of merchants. People had a lot of fun while shopping. While the train kept wooing the children, the women kept watching and buying kitchen items etc. The youth targeted the balloons in rifle games from place to place. The people of rural areas were impressed by the plant nursery.

In the fair, the process of the arrival of the devotees started from the morning itself, which lasted till the night. With the increase in winter, there has been a sudden increase in the sale of warm clothes. Crowds of customers were also seen at the shops of blanket shawls etc. There is a lot of demand for the jackets etc. that came in the fair. Children enjoyed on swing, circus. The fair is now going on in full swing. Children took a short adventure in a train with colorful coaches. Women kept on buying utensils and artificial flowers etc. After this tasted the taste of jalebi, chickpeas, chaat. The sale of five utensils is increasing. Income of 2.85 lakhs made in the fair --

So far, the Municipal Council has earned an income of 2.85 lakhs from Meena Bazar of Dadri Mela. About 90 thousand rupees have been recovered from the retail shopkeepers in the fair which started from the day of Kartik Purnima. At the same time, revenue of Rs 1.60 lakh has come from big shopkeepers. Others have earned an income of Rs 37 thousand. The revenue recovery of the land given to the shopkeepers has been started. ,

Crowd expected on Sunday

The Dadri fair is expected to see a huge crowd on Sunday. In view of this, the shopkeepers have also placed orders for additional consignments of their goods. This will be the third Sunday of the fair. The shopkeepers expect that there will be an increase in business on the day of the holiday.

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