The bridegroom reached the girl's house with a wedding procession for the second marriage, the first wife was found standing there in front - then ..

The bridegroom reached the girl's house with a wedding procession for the second marriage, the first wife was found standing there in front - then ..

The first wife caught the young man red-handed with the help of the villagers, who had come to marry the second marriage on the bluff of a girl who had a love marriage. After beating him, he was handed over to the police. The Gulriha police have registered a case of forgery and intimidation against the accused.

this is the case

Bablu, a resident of Subabazar of Khorabar, had a love marriage five years ago. With his wife and four-year-old child, he lived with a room on rent in Tipinagar. His relatives were not aware of the love marriage. A year ago they fixed Bablu's marriage in a village in Gulriha area. The wedding was to take place on December 5. When Bablu's first wife came to know about this, she reached the village and waited for the procession to come. Bablu reached the village with a procession. Gharati and other relatives were present to welcome the baraatis.

The groom was stunned to see his wife in front

As soon as Bablu got down from the car for the door, the wife stood in front with the son. Bablu started running after seeing his wife. The people who arrived to welcome the procession caught the groom. Some youths also beat up the groom on being informed that he was already married. The Gulriha police, who reached the information, took the groom into custody and came to the police station. In-charge Inspector Gulriha Chandrahas Mishra said that the accused was arrested after registering a case of forgery and threatening on the complaint of the first wife. He was produced in the court from where he was sent to jail.

The objectionable picture of the girl went viral, the case against the accused

The accused, who had married the girl on the pretext of court marriage, made her objectionable picture viral on the internet media. Gulriha police is investigating the allegation by registering a case of intimidation and IT Act on the complaint of the victim. In the Tahrir given to the police, the girl has written that a year ago, a familiar young man got married on the pretext of court marriage. Now the pressure is on to live together. On refusing, the objectionable picture went viral on the internet media. In-charge Inspector Gulriha Chandrahas Mishra said that investigation is being done after registering a case on the basis of Tahrir. Action will be taken on the basis of evidence.

Seven-year-old girl was raped by a village teenager

A seven-year-old girl from Barhalganj was raped by a teenager from her village. Police is investigating the matter by registering a case. The girl's father gave a complaint to the police station and said that his daughter was playing near a shed in the village. During this, the teen seduced her and took her to solitude and raped her. Inspector-in-Charge Barhalganj Umesh Bajpai said that the girl has been sent for medical examination. The matter is being investigated by registering a case.

Alleged rape, police telling family dispute

Sahajanwan's girl has accused a young man of a neighboring village of raping her on the pretext of marriage. The girl gave a complaint in Ghaghsara post and told that she was in the custody of the young man for six months. Later, when she somehow got out of his clutches, she lodged a complaint with the police. Sahjanwan's Ghaghsara outpost in-charge Ramanuj Singh Yadav told that both have a family dispute. The young man and the girl are married. Still the matter is being investigated.

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