The dispute between the disciples heated up, Mahant Jitendra Das gave Tahrir

The dispute between the disciples heated up, Mahant Jitendra Das gave Tahrir

In the case of a fight between the disciples of Mahant Jitendra Das and Mahant Krishna Das in the temple premises on the occasion of old age in the Panchmukhi Hanuman temple of Panki in Kanpur, Mahant Jitendra Das gave a complaint to the Panki Inspector in connection with the incident. The Mahant has accused some outsiders of assaulting his disciples. At present, the police is appealing to both the sides to maintain peace.

After Mangala Aarti in the temple premises on Tuesday, the temple doors were opened for the devotees to have darshan. In the meantime, there was an altercation between the disciples of Mahant Jitendra Das, who were taking spiritual education, and the disciples of Krishna Das regarding the arrangement of darshan. Soon, the altercation turned into a fight after a scuffle. As soon as the matter came to light, both the Mahants of the temple once again came face to face. After which there was fierce fighting between Mahant Jitendra Das and Mahant Krishna Das.

When the Panki police reached there, the two disciples of Mahant Jitendra Das were thrown out of the premises by telling them to spoil the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the devotees standing there also started a ruckus, accusing the police of unilateral action. Seeing this, a scuffle broke out between the two mahants. After hard efforts, the police somehow managed to separate the two sides and control them. During this, Mahant Jitendra Das, dissatisfied with the police action, clashed fiercely with the police. After meeting Panki Inspector, who reached the temple in the afternoon, Mahant Jitendra Das has accused some outsiders, including the disciples of Mahant Krishna Das, of brutally beating his disciples. According to Panki Inspector Dadhibal Tiwari, keeping in mind that there should be no further dispute, both the Mahants have been instructed. Further action will be taken after investigating the matter through the footage of CCTV cameras installed in the temple premises.

this is what they say

  • Some chaotic people along with some disciples of Veda Pathshala have to tarnish the image of the temple. It is wrong to have a dispute on the day of the festival of faith. - Mahant Krishna Das
  • The children of Veda Pathshala were engaged in providing darshan to the devotees, meanwhile the servicemen posted in the temple beat them up using abusive language. The assault on the disciples of Veda Pathshala is condemnable, which cannot be tolerated. - Mahant Jitendra Das

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