The girl is not even aware, the transaction of lakhs is happening from the account; FIR registered in Lucknow

The girl is not even aware, the transaction of lakhs is happening from the account; FIR registered in Lucknow

 Transactions were being done from the bank account of a girl living in Rakabganj area for the past one month. Someone deposited and withdrawn more than two lakh rupees in a week. He came to know about this after getting a call from the bank in the past. After this, the girl's father filed a case at Wazirganj police station. A person living in Rakabganj is a driver in a government department. His daughter works in a private company based in Kanpur. He told that the daughter has an account in State Bank of India located in Wazirganj area. Between October 24 and November 1, an unidentified person deposited more than two lakh rupees in his account and then withdrew it.

On November 2, the bank manager got a call that 35 to 40 thousand transactions are being done in your account every day. Hearing this, the daughter was stunned. Go to the bank branch and see the statement. It was found that the transaction has taken place in the account through net banking. Those who have done the transaction also have four mobile numbers. One of which was discussed. Sushil Mishra, who received the phone said that he is the husband of the account holder. After that he hung up the phone. He told that while the daughter is unmarried. Immediately a complaint was lodged at Wazirganj Kotwali. Inspector Pradeep Kumar Singh said that a case has been registered.

Transaction done from Kolkata, Mumbai, Bihar and Delhi: The  girl told that the mobile numbers which are showing in her statement were investigated and it was found that they are from Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Bihar. The people here have deposited Rs. According to the girl, she does not know these people.

What cyber experts say:  Cybercrime cell expert Firoz Badar told that it is feared that fraudsters have created UPI (Unified Payment Interface) account by taking OTP (One Time Password) and ATM card number and are operating the account. He told that once a person gets your OTP and 16-digit number entered on the ATM card, then he can create a UPI account. As soon as this account is created, that person will start operating your account. You will not be aware of this. Apart from this, even if a person has received a one-time OTP along with your Internet Banking login password, he can still operate your account. The same is likely to happen in that case as well. Cyber ​​expert said that the matter will be investigated as soon as the complaint is received.

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