Trains leave due to jam on the road

Trains leave due to jam on the road

The tracks of the station market in the municipal area are moaning due to encroachment. Due to the encroachment on the tracks in front of the shops, there is a problem of traffic jam every day. Due to getting stuck in the jam, the trains of the passengers are missed. Despite this, the administration is not paying attention to this complex problem. There is resentment among the local people about this. Even on Thursday afternoon, people got upset due to the jam in the station road. After a while the jam was relieved. There is encroachment on the tracks on both sides of the road. Due to this the road is getting narrower. Many big establishments have not even left a place for parking in front of the shops, due to which people park their bikes and cars in front and go for shopping. Apart from this, carts are also set up on the sidewalk in front of many shops. In such a situation, traffic jams often occur. Sometimes public representatives and officials also get trapped. Yet they are indifferent to it.


Challenge for administration to get rid of encroachment

It is challenging for the administration to rid the station market from encroachers. Despite many efforts, this market could not be made encroachment free. Every day the market gets jammed for hours. Being station road, there is always vehicular traffic. Four wheelers keep coming and going due to the vegetable market on the side of the road. If a passenger is sitting on a vehicle to catch a train, he has to cancel the journey. The picket duty of the police personnel of the station police post near Gandhi Chowk of Station Road is engaged. Who will help the residents of this complex problem?


: The municipality is making full efforts to get rid of the station market from encroachment. For this, the shopkeepers will also have to cooperate with the municipality.

-NS. Sabbur Executive Officer, Municipal Districts.

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