UP: Divyang doctor imprisoned in a room for not vacating government residence, locked from outside

UP: Divyang doctor imprisoned in a room for not vacating government residence, locked from outside

A sensational case has come to light in Naraini tehsil of Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. Where the superintendent of Dabang and Independent Joint Hospital imprisoned the handicapped female medical officer by locking a residence in a residence the superintendent of CHC. Where the victim's handicapped medical officer kept pleading to get out for 3 hours. Let us inform you that, on receiving the order of the CMO, the Medical Officer had left her old residence at the Nurse Training Center and came to live in the residence of the former Medical Superintendent.

Dr. Snehlata, a female medical officer of the Department of AYUSH posted at the Community Health Center, works on contract in the CHC here for the past decade. She told that she had come to her room from the hospital at around 10.30 on Thursday when Medical Superintendent Dr. Lovelesh Patel locked her in her house and imprisoned her in the house. During this, when he tried to get out, people informed him about the presence of 2 locks on the door.

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During this, the victim Divyang remained disturbed for the last 4 hours. At the same time, Dr. Snehlata told that by sending a letter to the CMO on June 20, he was told that he is handicapped. In such a situation, the residence remains on the health center premises. If he is removed from the hospital premises, then he will have to face trouble in commuting. In such a situation, Medical Superintendent Dr. Lovelesh Patel, while accepting the matter of locking the house, said that many employees are living illegally in the Nurse Training Center of the hospital. Since the training of trainee, Dr is to be started here soon. Where the CMO issued a letter on July 27 to Dr. Vinod Rajput, Medical Officer Dr. Snehlata, LT Vinay Singh, BHW Ku. Priyanka Srivastava, Sweeper Mohan Action has been taken to stop the salary for July for not vacating the illegal house.

BJP woman leader demands action from CM Yogi
Along with this, orders have been given to vacate the state residence within 3 days. In such a situation, in the event of not vacating the house, it has been warned to take strict action. The Medical Superintendent said that Dr. Snehlata had vacated the residence of the training center without any order and took possession of the former medical superintendent's residence on July 27 by keeping his belongings, while there is no provision for allotting the accommodation to the contractual employee. However, in this case, BJP's women district president Vandana Gupta has strongly condemned the medical superintendent and CMO and demanded from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that such a superintendent should be immediately suspended, whose heart is towards the disabled and women. If there is no humanity towards him, he has put a government seal by locking his voice. He is completely wrong.

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