UP is number one in the country in terms of smart city: Mahendra Nath

UP is number one in the country in terms of smart city: Mahendra Nath

The second session has started under Jagran Vimarsh at India Export Center & Mart, Greater Noida. Union Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey said in his address that Uttar Pradesh has become number one in the whole country in terms of smart city.

Highlights of Mahendra Nath's address

  • Uttar Pradesh number one in the whole country in terms of smart city
  • In the matter of employment, there were self-help groups earlier also, but one crore women have got employment in self-help groups. At the same time, one crore women have also got employment in Self Help Groups.
  •  One Industries One Product It has greatly supported business services. Many states are considering to implement this scheme, it has directly provided employment to 25 lakh people.  

At the same time, before this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's address on the topic 'UP-NCR: Hopes and Challenges' ended. After this there was a round of questions from the guests present here. Responding to a question, the Chief Minister said that the previous governments have done injustice to the farmers. There are 1451 such cases, which have become a matter of discussion on being settled at the government level. In some cases information has been sought from the administration and in some cases SIT investigation is still needed. Staying within the ambit of the rule, without any discrimination, the government wants to solve all these matters with full sensitivity. The government will implement the SIT report with commitment.

In response to another question, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that in the era of corona virus, many people helped people without caring about their lives. At the same time, many people tried to turn away from their responsibility. Some hospitals had made the disease their source of income. Such people should be socially boycotted. Yogi also said that most of the people did good work and he deserves respect.

Jagran Forum 2021 LIVE :

  • The earlier governments have done injustice to the farmers.
  • We are going to build a new film city here, the formalities of which are almost over. 
  • 5 new expressways are being built in Uttar Pradesh.
  • To reduce pollution, better will be done by the state government for the purchase and sale of electric vehicles. The Chief Minister said that the service of city bus would be changed to electric bus service.
  • In terms of Ease of Doing Business, Uttar Pradesh has moved up from 15th place to second and has moved beyond the sixth economy to become the second economy of the country. Will make Uttar Pradesh the largest economy of the country in future.
  • Every district, every authority of the state, all the institutions working in different areas are moving ahead in achieving the goals by becoming sensitive to the common people with full sincerity with full commitment.
  • Next 5 years will be very important for the economy of Uttar Pradesh
  • Work is being done to solve the problems at every level in the state. These are problems which were pending for many years and never taken cognizance of them. Once anarchy used to speak loudly in the state, but now every person wants to grow in Uttar Pradesh with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
  • Metro operation has started in 4 cities of Uttar Pradesh and in the coming days, metro will operate in Kanpur.
  • The identity of UP has changed. As soon as we enter the borders of Uttar Pradesh, we are now welcomed with light and not darkness.
  • The government has succeeded in making a fear-free, corruption-free Uttar Pradesh.
  • The identity of Uttar Pradesh with its backbone pit has changed.
  • Earlier the country used to go to Delhi for its treatment. During the Corona epidemic, the people of Delhi also could not get facilities, so at that time they had to come to Noida for the treatment of their disease.
  • The face of UP, the state of the country's largest population, is Gautam Budh Nagar and this face has given a message to the whole country in the last four and a half years. Security Infrastructure Development Plans related to the poor Tell the government to take everyone forward are not hidden from anyone. This is the reason why we worked even when the whole world was battered by the biggest pandemic of the century.
  • The region of NCR is known for different reasons. Especially Gautam Buddhanagar district was considered cursed by the former Chief Ministers. We have broken this stereotype. 
  • NCR is also reaping the benefits of the government's agenda of security, good governance and development.
  • The program has started from 10 in the morning and will be held in separate sessions till 4.30 in the evening.
  • Ministers of the Central and State Governments will address during this time.
  • There will also be a question-and-answer period with the speakers.
  • Entry to the program will be available from gate number three of India Expo Center and Mart.
  • The inaugural session of Jagran Vichar will be held from 10 am.
  • In the one-hour session, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will deliberate on the 'prospects and challenges of development in UP-NCR'.
  • The Chief Minister will also answer the questions of the guests present in the Jagran discussion and will give information about the government's plans for the development of UP-NCR.

The program of Jagran Forum-2021 is going on since morning which will continue till evening. Let us tell you that UP-NCR is the engine of industrial development of Uttar Pradesh. It is emerging as a major center of employment. The first session of Jagran discourse will be on the topic of increasing the pace of industrial development. This will be the outline of the program to be held in it.

Jagran Forum-2021

UPNCR: Hopes and Challenges

September 22, Wednesday

Venue: Expo Mart Greater Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar

proposed framework

Program Producer – Anant Vijay


10.00 am: Arrival of Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath ji

10.10 pm: Chief Minister's address

10.45 am: Q&A session

10.55 hrs : Vote of Thanks (Mr. Manish Tewari)

first session

from 11.15 am

Subject: Industry, Employment and Business Ease

Shri Mahendra Nath Pandey, Union Minister, Heavy Industries

11.30 am: Q&A

second session

from 12.05 am

Subject: Planned Development Vs Unplanned Development in UP NCR

Shri Satish Mahana, Minister of Industrial Development, Uttar Pradesh

12.20 pm: Q&A

third session

from 1.10 am

Subject: Education-Existing Framework and Prospects

Speakers: Shri Prabhat Kumar, former Chairman, Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission and Shri Santosh Yadav, Joint Secretary, Education, Central Government

Fourth Session (Panel Discussion)

2.30 to 3.00

Subject: Law & Order Situation and Women's Safety

Mr. Alok Singh, Noida Police Commissioner and Mr. Rajiv Sabharwal, Additional Director General of Police, Meerut

Fifth Session (Panel Discussion)

3.00 to 3.30

Subject- Possibility of becoming a sports hub in UPNCR

Speakers: Suhas LY (DM Gautam Budh Nagar and Paralympic silver medalist, Udayveer Singh - CEO Yamuna Authority, Anadi Barua - former Indian football player and coach (optional)

concluding session

from 3.30

Chief Guest- Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Union Minister, Minority Affairs

Subject: Current Scenario of NCR and Social Harmony

The first session will be on industry, employment and business convenience

Planned Development vs Unplanned Development

What is the planned development in UP-NCR? Unplanned development is also happening at the same pace. This may adversely affect the development of UP-NCR. The second session of Jagran Vichara has been focused on this topic. State Industrial Development Minister Satish Mahana will present the state government's side in this session to stop the growing unplanned development in UP-NCR.

The third session will draw the blueprint of the possibilities of the education sector

UP-NCR has also made a mark as a big hub of education. The names of well-known groups of the country and abroad are being added to the list of educational institutions to be established here. In the third session, a blueprint will be drawn on the current structure and prospects of education in UP-NCR. This session will be addressed by Santosh Yadav, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Education.

Residential Demand and Discipline

There will be a session on the important topic of demand and discipline related to the residential sector in UP-NCR. The keynote speakers will be Rajiv Kumar, chairman of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and Prabhat Kumar, former chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission.

Law and order situation and women safety

The session on law and order and women's safety will be addressed by Alok Singh, Police Commissioner of Gautam Budh Nagar and Vikram Singh, former Director General of Police of the state. Measures and suggestions to improve law and order and women's safety will be discussed.

Possibility of becoming a sports hub of NCR

The players of NCR have wowed the flag of success in national and international competitions. Talent has come to the fore due to better infrastructural facilities for sports. A session in Jagran Vichara has been dedicated to this topic. This session was organized by Tokyo Paralympic silver medalist and Gautam Budh Nagar District Magistrate Suhas LY, Yamuna Industrial Development Authority and Noida International Airport Ltd. The company's CEO Dr. Arun Veer Singh and international football player Anadi Barua will address the event.

Current Scenario of NCR and Social Harmony

NCR is mini India. People of different religions, castes live here from different states. Keeping this in mind, the topic 'Current Scenario of NCR in Social Harmony' has been included as a session in Jagran Vichara. The session will be addressed by Union Minister, Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.  

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