UP TET 2021: Salwar gang had taken contract of many schools including two centers of Pratapgarh

UP TET 2021: Salwar gang had taken contract of many schools including two centers of Pratapgarh

In the Teacher Eligibility Test, several schools including two centers in Pratapgarh district were contracted by the Salwar Gang to conduct paper salvage. The case came to light after the arrest of the gang leader by STF Prayagraj. Although the kingpin had played in competitive examinations before this too, but he could not get caught by the police.

STF was also active with the police

Apart from the district police, STF Prayagraj was also active regarding the teacher eligibility test. To nab the Salwar gang, the mobile numbers of the coaching center operators and the administrators of the examination centers were put on surveillance. Meanwhile, STF Prayagraj arrested the people of Salwar gang as soon as they got down from the train at Chheoki station at dawn on Sunday.

The gang leader is a resident of Raniganj in Pratapgarh.

Gang leader Rajendra Patel is a resident of Jairampur village of Raniganj police station area of ​​Pratapgarh district. He, along with his village associate Neeraj Shukla and other gangsters, had taken a contract to place salwars in place of the examinees in two centers of Pratapgarh district, apart from Varanasi, Prayagraj, Azamgarh and many other districts. The police raided the two candidates who had made a deal with the Salwar gang here.

There are three cases registered against the gang kingpin in Raniganj police station.

The leader of the gang has played in the examinations in the past too, but could not get caught by the police till now. Three cases of assault have been registered against him in Raniganj police station. On May 5, 2020, Santosh Kumar of Jairampur, on July 9, 2021, Munshilal Patel of the same village and on July 13, 2021, Snehlata of the same village filed a case of assault, rioting against Rajendra. SP Satpal Antil told that the gang leader Raniganj. Cases of assault have been registered in the police station. He has no other criminal history.

The network of cyber criminals of Pratapgarh is spread all over the country.

The network of cyber vicious of the district is spread all over the country. Thousands of people have been snatched by hacking ATM cards. Not only this, lakhs of rupees have been grabbed by asking ATM card code and bank account number, Aadhaar number. Gangs of cyber criminals are active in Jethwara, Mohanganj, Antu areas.

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