With the cold, the beauty of customers increased in Tibetan and Parade market, after two years, the shopkeeper's face blossomed

With the cold, the beauty of customers increased in Tibetan and Parade market, after two years, the shopkeeper's face blossomed

With the onset of December, the cold has started showing its effect. People have now started buying warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold. Two years after Corona, once again the cheapest Tibetan and parade market of the metropolis is buzzing with warm clothes. On the arrival of customers in both the markets, the faces of the traders from Nepal, Tibet, Manali are in bloom. Due to the availability of hot clothes at cheap prices in the market, people of every class along with the people of lower class are reaching for shopping. Traders of Tibetan and Parade market told that a large variety of woolen kurtis, shirts, shawls, jackets, sweaters, coats, blankets, quilts are easily available at affordable prices. Which is easily accessible to all classes of people.

Business up to 20 lakhs in a day

The Tibetan Market, located near Phulbagh Square, has an average of 55 merchants' stalls. Here traders had come to do business from Tibet, Nepal, Manali in the month of October itself. Trader Somesh told that the peak season in this market lasts till the month of January. An average turnover of Rs 9 lakh is done in a day. Rakesh Gupta, a trader of Parade Market, says that on an average business of Rs 11 lakh is done in a day from 83 shops. In such a situation, on an average, hot clothes worth Rs 20 lakh are sold from both the markets in a day.  

Businessman said:

Silence ended with the arrival of customers: Businessman Shamshad says that there was silence in the market for two years of Corona. Due to this, the shopkeepers had to face a lot of trouble, but this time the customers have started coming from the last week of November. This has brought relief to the shopkeepers.

Hot clothes available up to one thousand rupees: Businessman Rakesh Gupta told that 50 years old Parade Market has a range of hot clothes for every class of people. There are clothes available in the market ranging from Rs.50 to Rs.1,000. For this reason, this market has become the first choice of the people.

Buyers come from nearby districts: Businessman Mohammad Anees says that people from the nearby districts of Lucknow, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Fatehpur, Auraiya, Barabanki, Hardoi come to buy hot clothes in Parade and Tibetan Market. The hot clothes market remains buzzing till the month of January.

The market became a means of employment for 600 people: Traders say that there are 83 registered shops in the Parade Market, within a radius of about 500 meters from Ursala Gate to IMA Hall. In these shops, a range of hot clothes, jeans, kurtis, shawls, suits are available for every variety and price from children to elderly, women. Due to being the cheapest market of the metropolis, the number of customers is also high. More than 600 people have got employment from this market.

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