Yogi government kind to powerloom weavers, preparing to give subsidy on electricity connection up to 10 kW

Yogi government kind to powerloom weavers, preparing to give subsidy on electricity connection up to 10 kW

Yogi Adityanath government is contemplating to give subsidy on flat rate on electricity connections up to 10 kW of powerloom weavers in Uttar Pradesh. The government will implement it after talks and consent from the weavers leaders. For this, an expenditure of about Rs 642 crore has been estimated annually on the proposed Atal Bihari Vajpayee Weavers Flat Rate Scheme. On the implementation of this scheme, 2 lakh 39 thousand 480 weavers of the state will be benefited.

Yogi government wants to promote Khadi and textile industry. Departmental Minister Rakesh Sachan told reporters at Khadi Bhawan on Thursday that the government is serious about encouraging the weavers while solving all their problems. For this, a presentation was proposed before Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday, but now this presentation will take place after a meeting with the weavers.

Actually, the demand for electricity at flat rate i.e. subsidized rate remains with the weavers. At present, the government is giving grants to power looms up to five kilowatts. Now it has been considered that grant should be given on connection up to 10 kilowatts. Sachan said that on this proposal too, first a meeting with the weavers will be taken and consent will be taken.

Under the scheme, weavers taking connections up to five kilowatts have been included whose number is 2 lakh 26 thousand 480. In the presentation, the CM was told that on giving subsidy of bill up to 240 units on connections up to five kilowatts, the weavers in rural areas would get a benefit of Rs 250 and in urban areas, the weavers would get Rs 300 per month. An annual expenditure of about 600 crores will be incurred on this scheme.

Sachan said that all efforts are being made to promote Khadi as well. At the same time, the problem has been identified that cotton cultivation has almost ended from Uttar Pradesh. Discussions will be held with the Agriculture Department to encourage cotton cultivation.

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