A person was showing stunts on the road by becoming a player of danger, such an accident happened in public

A person was showing stunts on the road by becoming a player of danger, such an accident happened in public

A person is always asked to walk very cautiously on the road. Whether you are on foot or riding a vehicle. A little carelessness can cost you dearly. But even after being aware of all kinds of dangers, a person does not desist from making mistakes. The number of road accidents is increasing day by day. Even after many types of rules and strict laws, people break the rules and become victims of accidents. Many times people get injured in this, but sometimes they die.

One such video of a road accident is going viral on social media. In this, a man was seen doing stunts on a bike on the side of the road. But suddenly the balance of his bike deteriorated, due to which his bike ran straight towards the road. Then what was there? The bike got hit by a speeding truck coming from the front. The condition of the person worsened in this accident. After falling from the bike, he fell a long way. Its video was shared on social media, from where it became viral.

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The accident is said to collide with a vehicle from behind or from the front while riding a bike. Even after doing meditation many times, such accidents happen. But there are many people who invite accidents knowingly. The person seen in the video had also invited a similar accident. He gathered people on the side of the road and started doing stunts by rotating the bike round and round. But during this time suddenly his balance got off the bike and the bike ran straight on the road. The truck driver coming from the front was not ready for this. There was a huge fight between the two.

BJP leader shared
Apart from Facebook, the viral video was also shared on Twitter. It was shared by Anand Shukla of Uttar Pradesh. In the caption of the video, he wrote – Doing stunts by becoming a player of dangers often proves to be fatal. Take a lesson and don't waste your valuable life with such acrobatics. It was not shown in the video what happened to the person after the accident, but the way the collision took place, the person must have suffered serious injuries.

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