Because of this, this watch is sold in lakhs, knowing you will also go crazy

Because of this, this watch is sold in lakhs, knowing you will also go crazy

Rolex watches are famous all over the world. Considered to be one of the most expensive watches, everyone wants to wear it on their wrist. Rolex watches are known for their prices.

Celebrities have a special liking for these watches. People also see it as a status symbol, but have you ever wondered why Rolex watches are so expensive?

Even if you feel that any watch shows the same time, then the craze of people behind this watch is unnecessary, but after knowing what we are going to tell you today, you will also appreciate Rolex.

First of all, let us tell you that Rolex watches are especially known for their workmanship. The company that made it claims that this is no ordinary watch. A separate research and development lab has been set up by the company for their production.

This lab has state-of-the-art equipment and every artisan working here has mastered the subject. Here every single watch is worked very meticulously.

As you know, Rolex manufactures mechanical watches in which a lot of machinery is used. Making them is not an easy task. They have to be worked on very finely, due to which their price automatically increases

Apart from this, the kind of materials used in Rolex are very expensive. For example, 940L steel is used in these, while other watches available in the market use 316L steel.

White gold is used in its dial. The numbers in the watch are made from special glass platinum. Apart from this, bezel ceramic i.e. porcelain is also used in it.

These watches are manufactured from Switzerland. Every year 8 to 10 lakh wrist watches are manufactured by the company. Rolex was first made in the year 1953.

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