Eyeliner rules, by following which your eyes will look very beautiful

Eyeliner rules, by following which your eyes will look very beautiful

You must be aware that eyes work to enhance the beauty of the face and this is the reason why eye makeup becomes essential when it comes to makeup. In a special event or wedding, eye makeup is not complete without eyeshadow, mascara and liner, but if you are getting ready for a normal outing, then you can look beautiful by simply applying liner. Just for this, some things have to be kept in mind, so let's know about them...

If you are applying liner for the first time

When applying eyeliner for the first time, there is a fear of spreading it. Because it's not the right idea. In this case, start with pencil eyeliner. Waterproof and smudge proof pencil in that too. Draw a line from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner. Draw a slightly thicker line on the outer side of the sides of the eye, keeping it thinner on the inside. If you like thick liner then draw a thick line.

Apply mascara  after  liner 

Use mascara only after eyeliner. Always apply eyeliner with the eyes open. Because by closing the eyes, there is every chance of spreading the eyeliner.

use of liquid eyeliner

Nowadays thin and thick line can be created with sponge tip applicator eyeliner. If you want to make the eyes look very attractive, then apply the color liner on the waterline. It is perfect for making big eyes look dramatic and spectacular. Buy smudgeproof, waterproof and longlasting liners.

for small eyes

To make the eyes appear bigger, connect the two lines of eyeliner on the lower and upper part of the eyes. Don't use coal on the edge of waterlines, as it will make your eyes look smaller. You can use a white or beige eyeliner pencil on the waterline, which will make your eyes look bigger.

Expert Tips

If there is a fear of spreading the eyeliner on the waterline, then use a primer or makeup base. Apply it on the upper eyelid only. This will give the perfect look of the line. 

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