Grandpa did grand welcome by grandpa, bringing home by helicopter, video went viral

Grandpa did grand welcome by grandpa, bringing home by helicopter, video went viral

Recently a strange news has been heard in Rajasthan. When Lado was born after 35 years in a house in Nimbdi Chandavata village of Nagaur district here, the happiness of that family was no longer there. Happiness is so great that for the grand welcome of this little life, Dada sold the entire crop of his year and paid the rent of seven lakh rupees and brought his granddaughter home by helicopter from her maternal grandfather.

Grand welcome done by granddaughter

This very interesting case of the birth and reception of Lado is from the village of Chandavata. Chuka Devi, the wife of Hanuman Ram Prajapat of this village, gave birth to a daughter on March 3, 2021 in her village Harsolav in Pir Nagaur district. Hanuman Ram's father Madanlal Prajapat and mother Munnidevi were not happy with the news of being a granddaughter. Grandparents decided to do a grand welcome of their granddaughter. The girl was named Riya.

When Madanlal decided to bring a helicopter to granddaughter Riya, it was found that it would cost at least seven lakh rupees. Even thinking of spending lakhs of rupees, Madanlal Prajapat's family did not back down. He immediately sold his fenugreek, mustard and cumin crops. Raised four lakh rupees from selling the crop.

Madanlal Prajapat's decision came in the limelight when the family applied for permission to land helicopters at Nagaur District Collector Jitendra Kumar Soni. If approved, temporary helipades were constructed in the fields of village Nimbdi and Harsolav.

The person did not go to the job for 15 years, yet the salary of 4 crore in the account

The person did not go to the job for 15 years, yet the salary of 4 crore in the account

On a certain date of every month, when the salary of the employed people comes, then the faces of the people blossom. After working for a whole month, there is great pleasure in getting salary. For this salary, people leave the house in the morning and return home after dusk. But what about the person who did not even go to the job and the salary kept coming in his account. There is no talk of a day or two, this person has not been on the job for 15 years, but for the whole 15 years, his salary continued to come in the account of this person every month. This is a surprising matter of Italy, but every working man in the whole world must be feeling jealous of this man.

The man, working in a private hospital in Italy, was absent from the job for 15 years and went on salary from the company to his account. When this matter was disclosed, even the big executives of the company got upset. This man had taken a salary of 4 crore eight lakh in 15 years without working.

Now the matter is being investigated and it is being ascertained how this happened.

In fact, the police investigation found that in 2005, the man's manager had asked him to take action against him by accusing him of breaking the discipline and in return, the man had threatened the manager. Then he stopped coming to the office. A few days later the manager retired but the man did not go to office. People kept thinking that since this case is going on, this office cannot come.

Likewise, months and years passed. During this time many managers came and went, but this man did not come to office. No manager thought it necessary to ask what is the progress if the case is still going on. The HR department did not even know that salary is going on the account of such a person who is not coming. 

People forgot this thing and the work of the company continued. Then one day, the team that did the record check checked it, and his senses flew away. After the instant check in, a large company of employees of the company made a police report against this man. It is believed that some big people of the company may have met in it and they will be getting the money in return. But no such evidence has been found so far.

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