Here the ghost made the girl a boy! Panic spread in the village

Here the ghost made the girl a boy! Panic spread in the village

You must have seen a lot of ghosts in movies which scare people. But nothing can be known about what ghosts or phantom spirits can do. Now a news is going on in such a way that the ghost has changed someone's gender. This is shocking to hear but it is absolutely true. The jinns of Bangladesh are also adept at sex change. This is the claim of a girl and her family. 

Even today people in Bangladesh have unwavering faith in jinn and ghost-spirits. There are about 160 million Muslim people in Bangladesh and they fully believe in the presence of Jinn. Many Bangladeshi tantriks also claim that they can control the jinn. Because of this, many people come there with their problems and they collect the money they want from them.

This family of Bangladesh had spread this rumor in the whole village that their daughter had been made a boy by the genie by sorcery. This family has put the gender of their girl's fake, so that the villagers find this fact true and they will fall under their delusion. As soon as he came to know about such a thing, the whole village gathered to see the girl. When the matter reached the police, they got suspicious about it. When the police took the girl to the hospital, the veil was revealed that the gender of the fake was tied in the girl's waist.

The police took the veil from this family and told the people about their deception. At present, three people of this family of Bangladesh have been arrested on this Wednesday.

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