New fashion came in the Corona era, wearing this woman's 'Nathani' over 'Face Mask', people are very happy

New fashion came in the Corona era, wearing this woman's 'Nathani' over 'Face Mask', people are very happy

Due to the Corona period, where people have been locked in the houses since last year, people are not leaving for any wedding, party function and outing due to fear of this virus. But in the meantime, if someone gets married in the family, then women are most worried about how to do fashion by wearing masks as per the government guidelines. But in the meantime, some women of Uttarakhand have found a unique fashion with a mask that is being discussed all around.

Actually, a wedding photo taken in Uttarakhand during the Corona period is becoming very viral on social media in which a woman has worn her nose and jewelery over a face mask, people are very fond of this fashion of women. 

In the pictures of these women that went viral, you can see how they are wearing all their jewels including necklaces, chokor, maang-tika and nose nostrils on the face mask. This photo of her attending a wedding ceremony is becoming viral on social media.

Kavita Joshi, who wears a nose-top over a mask at a wedding ceremony in Nainital district of Uttarakhand, says that it was my niece's wedding. I am a very great aunt, we are very close to them. I wanted to follow the customs keeping in mind the COVID-19 safety rules. 

Kavita Joshi said that, I had to prepare properly for the wedding. It was not about showing Nath is considered auspicious for married women. I did not want to wear it inside the mask, so I decided to wear Nath over the mask, with the help of a pin on the face mask.

At the same time, Kavita said that only close family members were invited to the wedding and all the covid guidelines were followed to ensure the safety of all.

A dog appeared in a dhoti-kurta as a groom, the mistress posted a photo to find a bride

A dog appeared in a dhoti-kurta as a groom, the mistress posted a photo to find a bride

New Delhi. Finding the right partner is very important for getting married. That is why many matrimonial sites are present nowadays to make this search of Humsafar easy. This advantage of social media has been used by a woman to find the bride of her dog. Yes, the woman has posted her picture on social media by decorating her dog like a groom in South Indian dress. It is becoming quite viral these days.

In order to find a suitable girl for the groom's king, the mistress of the dog has decorated her and shared her picture. In the photo, the dog is wearing a traditional mundu lungi and a pink shirt. The dog is seen standing on both feet with the help of its mistress. In the second picture, he is seen sitting in front of the food served on a banana leaf. Everyone is surprised to see Dagi in the groom's dress. So there are many people rolling with laughter. The woman wrote the caption along with the picture that if someone is looking for a handsome Malayali boy for his girl, then this is a deserving boy.

The funny thing is that seeing this groom's avatar of Doggy, a relationship proposal has also come for him on social media. Actually a woman living in Kashmir has posted a picture of her female dog. He wrote with this that my girl is here, she is from Kashmir. This post has been shared by a Twitter user. She is looking for a good groom for her dog.

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