Often these things fall out of your hands in the kitchen, luck can be ruined by this small mistake!

Often these things fall out of your hands in the kitchen, luck can be ruined by this small mistake!

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly many things fall out of our hands. When this happens, we put them together and put them again and forget about that thing for a while. However, you cannot even imagine the extent to which something you are taking so easily can harm you.

Let us tell you that the falling of some things is a special kind of sign which warns you about the bad times to come, so do not take them lightly and pay attention to them. Today we will tell you about some such things, whose fall indicates which events will happen in the future, you will get to know about it.

First of all, let's talk about the fall of milk, which is a daily story in everyone's house. Let us tell that in the scriptures, milk, curd, all these white things are related to the moon. In such a situation, it is considered inauspicious for milk to fall out of the pot during boiling. It is believed that due to this, there is a possibility of increasing mental problems among family members. It is also said that falling of milk or things made from it means that there is going to be a financial crisis in the family.

Sometimes it falls from us even while pouring oil in the cans etc. It is also considered inauspicious. Falling oil is related to the sign of drowning in some big debt. Not only this, it also indicates poverty in the house. Along with this, it heralds the onset of any calamity to come.

Now let's talk about salt. It is said in astrology that Venus and Moon are weakened by the falling of salt from the hands

Sometimes wheat, rice or any other food item falls on the ground by scattering from our hands, although this is not appropriate. Due to this, Goddess Annapurna and Goddess Lakshmi may be displeased with you. If this ever happens to you unknowingly, then lift the grain and apply it on the forehead and ask for forgiveness from mother Annapurna

The falling of a sign of honey such as vermilion or bangle etc. is also very inauspicious. According to the scriptures, it indicates some great calamity to come on the husband

The fall of black pepper from your hand means that in the coming time your relationship with your close relatives may get spoiled.

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