Preparations are not being done for 15th August in these two cities of India, waiting for this day

Preparations are not being done for 15th August in these two cities of India, waiting for this day

 Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15th August. If you ask this question to any child here, he will answer it very easily.

As the occasion of Independence Day is near, preparations are going on in full swing across the country. In such a situation, there are two cities in India where there is no preparation for August 15. This is because for them Independence Day is not on 15th August but on 18th August.

We are talking here about Ramghat and Krishnanagar located in Nadia district of West Bengal. In these two places, Independence Day is not celebrated on 15 August but on 18 August.

Now you must be wondering why? Why do people here wait for August 18 when the whole of India celebrates Independence Day

Let me tell you the whole thing about this. As we know, a day before 15th August, Pakistan was declared an independent country.

During the partition of India and Pakistan, both the cities of Ramghat and Krishnanagar were included in Pakistan. As a result, the controversy escalated.

Let us tell you that in these two places, Krishnanagar and Ramghat, the number of Hindus was more. That is, both these places were Hindu dominated areas. The people living here had strong objection to this matter.

The residents here demanded the inclusion of these two cities in India. Many protests were also organized to get this demand fulfilled. Later Krishnanagar and Ramghat were included in India and they got independence on 18 August.

However, these two places were not allowed to hoist the flag during or celebrate independence on 18th August because according to the constitution, flag hoisting was never allowed in the country except on 15th August, 23rd and 26th January. For this too a long struggle was fought and later in the year 1991, they got permission for this. Today people here celebrate independence by hoisting the national flag on 18th August.

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