Shocking case came to the fore! Woman used mobile like this, life wasted

Shocking case came to the fore! Woman used mobile like this, life wasted

Mobile phone is an important part of human life today. Without it people cannot even imagine to spend the day. Although we all have been hearing this thing since childhood that excess of anything is not right. In such a situation, you cannot even imagine the extent to which the use of mobile in excess can prove to be harmful for you. Today we are going to mention a similar incident, knowing about which you will chew your finger under your teeth.

Actually, this incident is from China where due to holding mobile for seven consecutive days, the condition of a woman there has become very bad. This woman, who lives in Changsa, Hunan, China, used so much mobile phone for seven consecutive days that now her fingers are not getting straight.

According to sources, the woman took a week's leave from the office due to some reason and in the meantime she kept on chatting with her friends. She used to stay on her phone day and night and even while sleeping at night, she used to sleep with her mobile near her.

Due to this phone being expensive, she used to hold it in her hands even when she did not use it. In such a situation, due to continuous holding of mobile from morning till evening, pain started in the hand of the woman. He began to realize that now his fingers are not straightening. Disturbed, she went to the hospital, where after the checkup, the doctors gave some medicines and fixed her hand for the time being, but also instructed that the use of mobile should be minimized.

That is, one thing is clear from this and that is that mobile not only harms the heart and brain of a person but it is also not right for the muscles. With the passage of time, science has invented many things keeping in mind the convenience of human beings, so do not use them in such a way that they become the cause of our inconvenience.

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