The couple had gone for a honeymoon across the seven seas, doing such a thing while drinking heavily and drunk in the hotel

The couple had gone for a honeymoon across the seven seas, doing such a thing while drinking heavily and drunk in the hotel

 A couple living in Britain went to Sri Lanka for a honeymoon after marriage. Here intoxicated, he did such a thing, which became a memory of life. When the intoxication came off the next day, both of them realized their mistake.

What is the whole matter?

Actually, London-based TV producer Gina Lions and her husband Mark Lee went to Tangale, Sri Lanka for their honeymoon after marriage. Gina Lions shared her story and told that Mark and her first met seven years ago in a bar in London. Both were very fond of traveling and over the next few years they traveled together in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

went to sri lanka for honeymoon

After we got married in June 2017, we both went to Sri Lanka for three weeks. During this, stayed in hotels there. There he discovered a peaceful little seaside town named Tangale. One night we were drinking while sitting on the broken furniture of the hotel. While talking drunk, we thought that we can fix this hotel and run it easily in the UK. Then we asked Isuru, who lives there, about this, who told that this hotel is going to be sold soon. He told that he often thought of running his own hotel and also said that we would do much better decorations that night as well we were doing the same.

Hotel owner accepted the offer

Even after getting drunk on hearing about the sale of the hotel, we started counting. By the end of the night, we also made a small business plan for us. Instead of taking the lease of the hotel, we offered 30 lakh rupees i.e. 30 thousand pounds to the hotel owner, which he accepted.

Realizing the mistake as soon as the drug wears off

The next day when the addiction came, we realized our mistake. We realized that while intoxicated, we had made a deal to run a hotel in an unknown country. Even after this, both of them stuck to their deal and agreed to pay Rs 15 lakh as advance. There was talk of giving the rest of the money in March 2019.

employment for people with disabilities

We went to Sri Lanka again in June 2018, about a year after buying the hotel, he said. Till then Isuru and Milinda were taking care of there. The biggest problem we faced was getting cheap labor to get the hotel renovated. Soon we started another local business as well. The most important thing is that due to this, people living there with disabilities got employment.

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