These temples of India, known for witchcraft, treat evil forces.

These temples of India, known for witchcraft, treat evil forces.

Many places are still known for witchcraft. There are many temples and religious places in India which are famous for their tantra knowledge. Tantra techniques are widely practiced and practiced even today in these temples. So let us tell you today those temples in India where Tantra Mantra is done. Regarding temples where tantra-mantra is still used today.

Temple where Tantra Mantra happens

# Vetal Temple, Orissa: This temple has a statue of the mighty Chamunda. The mighty Chamunda is considered to be a form of Maa Kali. Tantric actions are always carried on in this temple of Orissa.

# Baijnath Temple, Himachal Pradesh: Lord Shiva is worshiped in this temple of Himachal Pradesh. Here Shiva sits in the form of a linga. Tantric actions continue here.

# Kalighat Temple, Kolkata: Kalighat Temple is very famous among people who are involved in tantric rituals. There is an influx of people doing tantra-mantra here throughout the year.

# Kamakhya Temple, Assam: The Kamakhya Temple of Assam is considered to be the stronghold of Tantra rituals. It is believed that the goddess's vagina fell at this place. There is always a gathering of tantrikas here.

# Khajuraho Temple, Madhya Pradesh: Although everyone knows Khajuraho for its erotic sculptures, this temple also has a lot of tantric activities.

#Kal Bhairav ​​Temple, Madhya Pradesh: Kalam Bhairav ​​temple of Ujjain worships the Shyam idol of Bhairav. People come from all over the country for tantric and Aghori siddhis.

# Balaji's Temple Rajasthan: The temple of Mehandi Pur Balaji is famous for not only tantra actions but also the impediments of ghosts are also removed here. This temple is very important in Tantra Shastra.

Here thief got more money than expected, heart attack came due to happiness

Here thief got more money than expected, heart attack came due to happiness

Nowadays, many strange news are heard daily. Recently a bizarre case involving theft has come to light in Uttar Pradesh. Here a thief got a heart attack when he got more money than expected in the theft. Due to this, most of the money looted was later spent in his treatment. 

The thief happily got a heart attack

The case came to light when 1 of the 2 thieves was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the theft that took place in the Kotwali countryside area last month and during the interrogation, he told the police. Bijnor Superintendent of Police Dharam Veer Singh said that on the night of 16 and 17 February, 2 thieves broke into the public service center of a man named Nawab Haider and committed the robbery there. Hyder lodged a complaint that more than Rs 7 lakh had been stolen from his center.

Police registered a case against unknown accused and started investigation. On Wednesday, the police settled the case by arresting two accused Naushad and Ejaz from Alipur, who came to the Nagina police station area.