This devotion will surprise, worshiping Mother Durga by keeping 21 urns on her chest

This devotion will surprise, worshiping Mother Durga by keeping 21 urns on her chest

Shardiya Navratri, which started from October 10, is celebrated in every nook and corner of the country. People's faith is building on seeing it. Devotees try to please the mother in different ways. Today we are telling you about one such devotee, whose devotion you will be surprised to see.

Do worship by placing 21 Kalash on your chest

According to media reports, Nageshwar Baba, a resident of Patna, has been setting up the Kalash in Navlakha temple during Navratri for the last 22 years. The special thing is that he keeps 21 Kalash on his chest. During this time Nageshwar Baba does not accept others. The devotees who come to the temple are astonished to see their reverence. Nageshwar Baba believes that there can be no more satisfaction than lying at the feet of the Mother Goddess who takes care of her children. He says that he gets this power from Maa Durga.

Every year the number of urns increases

According to the information, Nageshwar Baba keeps increasing the number of Kalash every year. He has been setting up the Kalash for the last 22 years. This year he has installed 21 Kalash. All these urns are filled with Ganges water. Nageshwar Baba, a resident of Darbhanga, says that Maa Durga had asked him to do this in a dream years ago. Doctors say that there is weakness in a person in such a situation, but this work can be done with the help of willpower.

Navratri is a big festival in Hinduism

Let us tell you, Navratri is a very big festival in Hinduism. These days Maa Bhagwati with her nine forms sits at your home from Kailash. During this, many things have to be taken care of. Many people fast on these days.

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